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Her name is Heather. She is a real little slut and especially loves receiving cum on her feet. One Saturday afternoon, as she had nothing to do, then it was party to the library to make its books and make new ones. She was wearing open shoes that day and had noticed his arrival a young man kept his feet set. She moved slowly his toes but he did not seem to notice what was happening. She was gone. A few days later, she was back to the library and met the same young man. While still in her dreams, she approached him to ask if he was a foot fetishist. It was red and suddenly disowned. She insisted, saying that apart from seeing him watch her feet she also noticed the lump that was in his pants. He would run away when she restraint and asked him to follow her.

One Saturday afternoon in a hotel

It resulted in a taxi and told her she always liked to have sperm on her feet. She then asked the taxi to take them to a nearby hotel. He said nothing. He could not say anything so he was ashamed. Arrived at the hotel, they each took a shower and then began the preliminaries. The young man kissed his feet and sucked her toes one by one before making him a good cunnilingus and finish fours. The girl he later made a good footjob and allowed him to ejaculate on her feet. Indeed, while she was doing her a good footjob, she asked him to warn him when he was going to ejaculate sperm for her to receive her on her toes.

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